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Bullet Writing Examples You Can Swipe

Today,I’ll be showing you how to create bullets so irresistible that will arouse your prospects curiousity to the point that they’ll get your products.But first,let me define what a bullet is in case you don’t know.

A bullet is a statement of fact that contains information that is of much benefit to your reader or prospect.Basically,to create one,you read the material and then for each paragraph(I’m assuming you are creating the bullets for an ebook but it will as well work for other infoproducts such as videos,audios and even physical products) or page,depending on how you want to do it,you create a single sentence that caps up what that paragraph or page is saying in such a way that it delivers some benefits to the reader so much that she will want to get the full scoop.

And you know the only way she can get the full scoop?That’s right-by getting your ebook (or whatever it is you are selling).

Also,you need to know that there are various ways to write bullets.Although I won’t be going into that in details today,I’ll give you some of them.

From AWAI,we have:

1.Revelation bullets

2.Semi-revelation bullets

3.Can’t be done bullets

From Bob Bly,here are 3 ways to write bullets:

1.Use a number

2.Position the opposition as the villian

3.Use an everyday item in a unique way 

And finally from Clayton Makepeace’s “The Screaming Eagle” newsletter,here are 7 ways to write bullets.It actually gives 21,but we’ll cover the rest in some other article.

1.The “how to” bullet

2.The “Secret to” bullet

3.The “Why” bullet

4.The “Right…Wrong” bullet

5.The “What never” bullet

6.The “If…Then” bullet

7.The “Quickest,Easiest” bullet

By the way,Clayton gives away these bullets in a PDF ebook for free.Simply rush over to to grab your copy before it’s too late.

I will cover other methods of writing bullets later.For now,here’s bullet copy I wrote for an ebook called “Twitter Gold Rush” for practice.See how many of the above bullets you can sniff out.

        ü  What exactly is Twitter?

ü  What never to do or you stand the chance of scaring away potential customers. Do it and you’re dead in the waters. Page 4

ü  Should you include a link to an affiliate product in your “thank you” messages? See the answer…on page 18

ü    The simple and easy way to keep growing your list of followers. Page

ü   What never to do… or you stand the chance of appearing to be a spammer…and what to do instead. Page 17

ü  What to put on your site or blog that could create an avalanche of clients for your products and services. Page 4

ü  2 absolutely free applications that show you who you are following and who is following you back in return. You can also use these tools to mass “unfollow” your non-followers at the click of a button. Page 13

ü  Should you target only people in a particular niche as followers or just anybody? The answer will surprise you. Page 5

ü  A website where you can download Twitter themes for free. Page 21

ü  How to upload your customized page design. This gives you a more professional appearance and enables you to beat Twitter’s 140 character limit. PLUS…what you should include on the side of the page…and how to advertise your promotion’s and establish your brand with your Twitter background. Page 23

ü  Do this and you’re sure to be banned by Twitter. Here’s what you should do instead. Page 18

ü  How to instantly get Twitter followers. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you never thought about it. Page 5

ü  Can’t pack in a lot of info into a 140 character tweet, right? Wrong! Discover how to increase your 140 character “mileage” on page 2

ü  How long should you wait before you “clean house”?See the answer…on page 13

ü  The easiest and quickest way to get clients for your products and services…how many times you should do it…and what your bio should contain to do all the selling for you. You absolutely cannot miss it with this method. Turn to page 16 to find out.

ü  What to do to get someone not following you to follow you. It works almost everytime. Page 11

ü  2 other ways to use Twitter. One of them is by posting a link to your blog. The second is even more powerful…and is another way to get your name out there and enter conversations. Page 17

ü  3 websites where you can have your customized Twitter backgroung designed for you. Page 23

ü  This application acts as an autoresponder, amongst other things, and sends a thank you message to anyone that follows you while simultaneously following them back automatically, saving you the time and effort you would have used to do it manually. Discover the tool…on page 7

ü  The 1 thing you must have so you can take full advantage of your Twitter followers. Without this, you’re simply joking around. Page 4

ü  Why unfollowing people that are not following you will increase your number of followers speedily. Page 11

ü  The 1 exception when you should not unfollow someone not following you yet. It’s one of the best ways to learn and study their approach. Page 14

ü  Twitter allows you to follow only 2000 people. Here’s the secret to going above it. Page 8

ü    The quick, easy and fast way to add followers. And I’m not just talking about followers but a targeted audience.

ü  The indirect way to sell your products and how often you should do it. Go above this and you’ll start losing followers in torrents. Page 16

ü  20 free Twitter applications you can use to send thank you messages…automatically follow people…simultaneously post to various social networking sites through a single click…update Twitter from your Blackberry…discover what people are talking about at any particular minute…find Twitters by topic…post your latest tweets on your WordPress blog…and so much more. Page 21

ü  How many times you should use Twitter in a day to get results and what you should do every time you sign in. Page 15

ü  You already know that if your tweet fails to grab your prospects attention, then there is no show for you. Here are 2 ways to write great tweets. PLUS…the simple way to show people you’re an expert in your field. This method will get prospects dying to get their hands on your products.  Page 17

ü   Use this method to follow a humongous number of followers on other social networking sites…and get them to follow you too. Page 23

ü  A free personalizable radio station where you can establish your expertise…improve your brand awareness…drive targeted traffic to your sites…sell your products and services…and much more. Page 17

Stay tuned for the next edition where we cover even more ways to write bullets and free resources you can read and download online.


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How to write bullets for your copy

The other day I was passing by a laundry shop in Brookly and outside their window,they put a signpost which said”We have giant 30Lbs dryers”.On seeing this,as a professional copywriter myself,I asked myself “So what?”.Nobody cares about what you have or what you don’t have.People only care about themselves and what they stand to gain from what you are saying.

So what does this have to do with copywriting?Actually, a lot.Because your copy must always be written in such a way that it tells your prospect what he stands to gain from using your product.That is to say that your copy must be more about your prospects and what they stand to gain than about your products.

And this is the reason why companies that engage in institutional advertising never make it or at the most only manage to braek even-because they focus more on what their company is about by saying things such as “We have been in existence for the past 150 years”,”We are the best in town”,and other such related things.

Now don’t get me wrong here.Saying these things is not necessarily wrong as a statement such as “We have been in existence for the past 150 years”could mean that by reason of your been in existence that long,you have a lot of experience in that industry and know what you are doing,amongst other things.But if that is all that you trumpet in your copy,then you are completely missing the boat.

So in the case of the laundry business guys above,if underneath their signpost they had added the following:

“That means that you save time since you won’t have to wait for the dryer to finish drying one set of clothes before putting in the next set or even having to use a second dryer,thereby costing you more money.It also means that you save energy and resources and will be out of here to carry out your other businesses for the day in no time flat “.Now you’re talking.Because who doesn’t want to save time,money,energy and resources and go on to do other more productive things for the day?I sure do.

So the next time you are writing your copy,make sure it tells the prospect what she stands to gain-in the headline,the lead,the body copy,the offer…you getthe point.Now go put this to work friend.

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How to Write Copy That Sells

In the online world,the copy you write to sell your product or service is very important.It is said that good copy can sell a bad product.But bad copy will never sell a good product.That is however not to say that your product should be bad because ultimately,it will come back to bite you in the form of refunds and a bad reputation amongst other things.

That said,today we shall be looking at 3 things that must be in place in order for you to write copy that sells.

1.Know your market:You can’t write good copy without knowing who your target audience is.So you must carry out adeaquate research to know various things about your target audience.Some of these things include:

a.What is their pain?

b.What is their age?

c.In which format will they prefer the product to be in?

d.How can you help them solve their problems?

And so on.

2.Know your product:You can’t sell a product you know absolutely nothing about.So it goes without saying that you must know the product inside out.If it is an ebook,you must read it cover to cover and take enough notes.If it is a video product,you must watch it and bring out the salient points that will be of interest to your reader.Whatever format the product is in,you must educate yourself on it.

The real essence of this is for you to be able to get the bullet points you will use when writing the salesletter.By going throughg the material,you’ll be able to get the features and benefits of the product.It is these benefits you will write as your bullet points.You will also be able to get your subheadlines and headline fom your benefits amongst other things.

3.Know how to bring your market and your product together:You must know how to make your market realize that your product is what she needs to solve her problems.Tell her how her life will change after using your product.Make her imagine how much better her life will become once she gets your product and starts using it.This is called future pacing.If you can do this effectively,people will respond to your offer in droves and you will have a good conversion rate.

Adeniji Ayodeji is a professional copywriter and marketing consultant that can write killer copy for your business products and services and provide you with professional consultancy services.To get across to him,please leave a comment or contact him at dejiadeniji AT yahoo DOT com.

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The AIDA Formula

We shall de starting of with what is called AIDA.So what exactly is AIDA?Well,it’s actually an acronym and we shall be going through each of them one by one.So let’s kick off:

ATTENTION(A):The A stands for attention.Your primary aim is to grab the attention of your prospect.Why is this so?Because if you fail to grab the attention of the prospect within the first 5 or 6 seconds,then you’ve lost that prospect.And you know what that means-lost sales.So now you’re wondering how to grab the attention of your prospect.Well,it is through a headline.A headline has many functions which we will go into later.For now,just knw that your headlin must grab your prospect by the eyeball’s and stop them dead in their tracks.It must arouse their uriousity and get them to read the next line…and the next line…and then the next line…and on and on till the end.

INTEREST:You must be able to arouse your prospects interests.One way by which you can do this is by researching the likes and dislikes of your potential prospects,their hot buttons,what turns them on as well as what turns them off,e.t.cAll of these factors must be included and taken into consideration when writing the salesletter.

DESIRE:You must make the prospect to desire your product.Why is this necessary?Because there could be other products that are similar to yours and which may even be better.So why should the prospect buy your own product in such an instance?There are many ways to make your prospects desire your products.Some of them include:

*Through your USP

*Through future pacing

*By showing them how easy it is to use the product.You can do this through screenshots or through a video

We will explore all these and more very soon.

ACTION:The final step in the AIDA is called action.After spelling out all the above to your prospect,you must tell her to take action.And not just any action-you must tell her the action o take.This is called “close to action”.For instance,your call to action could be:

*For more information,call 646-8907-1234

*To order,click here

*To order,you can call us on (insert phone number),print out the order form,fill it and send it to us with your enclosed check,or you can pay with Paypal or by credit card

You get the picture right?Good!All of the above will be explored in details.For now,I want you to know that these are the basic things that should be in your salesletter.We’ll continue from here in the next lesson. 


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Introduction:What is Copywriting?

For people that are Internet Marketers,the word Copywriting will be no strange word.However,for the sake of those that are not in the internet marketing field or have never heard the word before,I’ll define it.Copywriting is simply the process of writing words that persuade people to do your bidding.It could be to buy an information product such as an eBook or a software,or to sign up for your ezine or anything else that you want.As Claude Hopkins put it,Copywriting is simply “Salesmanship in print”.

In other words,copywriting is simply the process of using words to sell your products and services.”Why do I need to use words?”Because online,it is words that sell.This is not to say that you should not put a picture of your product or service on your salespage.However,if all you put on your salespage is just a picture and a poor description of your product or service,you can be sure that it will be a total flop.

A person that writes salesletters is known as a copwriter. 

So you must learn how to write copy.And not just anyhow copy but killer copy-copy that when your prospect read it,she will be swept of her feet and have no hesitation whatsoever to buy your product or service.

And that is what this blog is all about-to teach and show you the process that is involved in crafting a winning salesletter.You must also know that there are various types of copywriting.Some of them include:

1.Webcopy:This is basically a salespage hosted on your website.It is also known as a salesletter.

2.Press release copywriting

3.Radio copywriting

4.Television copywriting

These are just some of them.This blog will however focus on webcopy and press release copywriting.Some of the things we shall be covering include:

1.The basic structure of a salesletter

2.How to create killer headlines

3.How to craft irresistible bullets

4.Different types of guarantees you can use

5.Creating your unique selling proposition

6.How to get copywriting clients

7.Useful books and websites on copywriting

And lots more.

Before long,you too will become a promising copywriter.Thanks and welcome onboard.     

There are

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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